I recently made operable a computer based off of the Intel STL2 server motherboard, however when I try to start the computer and boot from the Windows XP CD, I get the following errors:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
Operating System not found

Upon almost any keystroke the computer attempts, but does not succeed, to find an OS to boot from. I am using a Pioneer DRV-112 DVD drive, which is recognized, but not considered for booting when the XP CD is in it. I have been trying for days to get the system to simply install XP so that I can use it, but have yet to have any luck. Any help would be appreciable, and thanks in advance.

Hmm, try Installing Windows 2003.

If I think what you are thinking is the problem then that should solve it.

Hello rbrt13, good evening.

First you need to solve the "PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable". This issue is often caused by either an incorrect setting in BIOS or a bad boot device, such as a bad hard disk drive. So I suggest to double check if the cable is properly connected to the hardware and double check as well if the hard disk is recognize in the BIOS.

Take care and God bless.

I have checked the BIOS settings, they are correct. I have gone through 3 different IDE cables. The BIOS could recognize the drive with all 3 cables, however that did not work. I read somewhere that the ServerWorks LE chip that this is based off of has issues with IDE, and that they can be avoided by disabling DMA. I disabled DMA, and it still did not work. There is nothing on the hard drive to boot, nor can I figure out how to setup a network boot, so I am at a loss of ideas. I would like to make my computer work without buying an IDE add in card (I do not have $32 USD) Any help is apreciated.

Umm, Are sure it is IDE?

I should be SCSI.

The hard drive is on SCSI, but the DVD drive is on IDE. The DVD drive is the one that I am having issues with.

Hmm, which motherboard is it?

Look at the PDF file here.

Supported OS's You need a Server OS, that is why I suggested Windows 2003.

Or go with Linux.

finito: To be technically accurate, a server OS would work best, but as it is an x86 computer, any x86 OS that has adequate drivers should suffice (also, that list stopped being updated in 2002). The OS that I am attempting to install is not the issue, the issue is that the computer is not booting from the CD at all. While Linux would be more conducive to my needs, the bulk of my music in WMA Loseless format, which I cannot think of an open source player that would be able to play.

I am not asking for a player that will be able to play my music, I am asking for help on my issue booting from a CD.

Well, WMA is a codec pack, all player will play it as long as you have a codec, but to the point,

Try adding an IDE hard Drive to eliminate the doubt of the Drive it self being bad? or Try the Drive in another computer?

I am pretty sure that 2002 there wasn't an option to Boot from USB but check if it is added with a BIOS update.

Or try reading this: http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=12746

I tried putting one of my other IDE hard drives in to check if the problem was IDE or not, and the computer recognized it, but would not boot from it. Afterward I reached the conclusion that the computer was attempting a network boot, so I plugged in my router, and did not get the "PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable" error. This is the computer's last resort in booting, and it appears to be a viable method to take. The only problem is that I know not how to perform a network boot. Does anyone have advice on whether or not to boot from network and how to? Any help is appreciated greatly.

Well it's not a Easy. I have never attempted the sort so I can't help you with it, But I had read alot about it to try and attempt it a while ago.

the main points were you need a Server Edition of Windows running on the Network from where you will initiate the Install. In your case you will need the Win2003 server Edition.

Ok I tried searching a little this has a pretty good suggestion

Then Check this
Make the boot disk and Map it to another Machine that has the Windows CD and voilà.

This should work in theory but you need a working floppy drive.

OK here This should be more Relevent to your needs. A simple tutorial to Boot with PXE over a newtork

Enjoy, and please post back to tell me how it went.

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