Hey everybody, I've been having this problem for the past seven months. My computer just randomly shuts off every so often (usually happens at least twice in one week). I use it extensively (have gotten into the habbit of obsessively pushing ctrl+s), and when I first got it, I was pretty careless and would leave it on for days at a time.

I recently replaced the harddrive and am still experiencing the same problem. I have an Asus A7v600 motherboard with a wd800 harddrive now (used to have a wd raptor 80 gig).

I cleaned the fan and verified that the temperatures were normal, but it still happens. Any suggestions?

Thank you

The next cheapest thing to attempt is a new power supply for the case.
These generally run you a small spot of change and frequently go bad.
Things get hot, Then they die. PSUs are often the culprit of an unexpected
system crash and at one time were worth repairing but arent anymore.

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