I bought a new power supply (and 6600GT vid card, and a gig of Corsair paired RAM) for my HP a420n computer from newegg. (Alienware it ain't :lol: but it'll work for me.) Its a Seasonic Supersilencer 350W. But I just read a review that made a point to say that this PSU doesn't have a SATA connector...now I'm worried. Pardon the doofus question, but will this be a problem? Is the SATA connector for adding a second harddrive, or is it required for my current one? :o

I think I've answered my own question with a bit of googlization...the a420n has an ATA-100 drive connection, not a SATA. I should be fine on that count, at least. Any comments on whether there might be other problems with this PSU would still be most welcome, tho. (Proprietary nonsense comes to mind... :mad: )

As long as it's not an older Dell (possibly a newer one also). I picked up a really old Dell from the side of the street. The power supply was the only thing that was in good condition (2 pieces of motherboard) so I took it out and put it in the computer I was building at the time. Of course, the "proprietary nonsense" kicked in, and nothing happened when I hit the power button. Some tech support guy at protonic.com (a nice site, BTW) told me Dells had non-standard PSU wiring. So I went to CompUSA and picked up a 250W PSU for $25.

Heh, yeah...I noticed that Dell thing coming up in my research googling. I kept finding myself thinking "whew, at least I didn't get a Dell..." :) I also saw a few ideas for work-arounds, but (obviously) didn't bother to book-mark them.

At this point, the PSU is probably going to be in my hands Monday. No turning back, now, I'll know if it fits by connecting molex's! (Please don't fry, mobo, please...)

Try it out with a spare motherboard first :)