I have a old pc, TM-586 TX1 Motherboard, with a pentium 166

I had 2 16 MB sticks of RAM (32 MB)

I had come accross an old pc, about the same age as mine, and took the ram out and added, it to mine. Everything worked fine. So then i added some DIMM memory and there was no output from monitor. So i removed the Dimm and there is still no ouput from the monitor. All wires appear to be conected, and everthing apperas to be running, CD hard disk, although all other outputs appear to not work either.

Did you ground yourself before working inside?

Did you unplug the machine and not just have it powered off?

Do you hear any beeps when you power up?

Is there a speaker attached to the MB (not to a sound card) ?

Just because the cd opens and closes and the init light comes up on the floppy does not mean that the MB didnt blow...

I have a PII - 350 MB and CPU heading for the trash if you want it...

Yes i grounded myself,

And yes is know that just because the drive opens doest means it's working, but i can hear everthing load, ie hard disk. Speaker is connected to motherboad and there is no beeps.

Umm yeah that computer your talking bout sounds good, but where do you live????

San Diego, California...

Are you in the US?

PM / Mail your address to me here...

I checked and I do still have the board here.
It does not have onboard video or sound.
I think it is an A-Bit board (Not Sure)
It has a P II - 350 on it but it will take a P III ... Slot 1

It has an AGP v1 slot up to 2x I think...

I know the board works but I will re-check it if you can use it...