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I have a Micro ATX form mother board, however I think I need a PSU specially designed for matx. Is this true?

you say a micro atx form motherboard ,is it in a micro case ,its the case it in ,not the motherboard that will dictate the size of the PSU you have to use ,
Might be cheaper to buy a midtower case ans psu and swith cases if its in a micro case ,better air flow anyway


Agreed. The motherboard connector is the same, but unless you install the motherboard in an ATX case (which it will fit into without any problems) then you may not have the necessary space for a standard ATX power unit.


Ok, I am using a case that can support both ATX and MicroATX, so in thoery I would imagine it takes ATX power.

At least the power connectors for the mobo's do not differ, I will simple have to experiment.


MicroATX is simply a motherboard which is smaller than standard ATX, and designed to physically fit in a smaller case. It is still the same standard as ATX and does not use power in any different way. Running a MicroATX motherboard from an ATX power supply unit is perfectly fine!

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