Last night after I shut down my computer, it started making a clicking noise (more so than a beeping noise). Now it won't start up :(

I'm not very hardware orientated, so I'm baffled as to what's wrong. The mobo fan, psu fan and graphics card fan all run when I hit the power button, but the light on the DVD Rom, the Power light and the processor light (is that one right?) all blink very fast (several times a second).

When I got up this morning I tried it again and it loaded for about 3-4 mins and then shut off. Upon opening the case, I smelt something odd but couldn't tell where it was coming from.

Now it won't startup at all. As soon as I press the power button it immediately starts the clicking noise and the only way to shut it off is to hit the switch on the plug socket.

Did I overload the PSU? I have two memory sticks, a 56k modem, a graphics card, a cd-rom drive, a dvd-rom drive, hd, floppy disk drive all on the system.

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THe clicking could be the fan in your psu. maybe it is broken? It probably shut off because the insides of the psu got so hot. It may have over heated, not because you overloaded the system, but because the fan malfunctioned.

The other cause of a clicking sound would be a bad hard drive, but if yours booted up like you said it did, it is likely fine. I would look for the psu fan to be the problem, but the whole psu may need replacement since you smelt burning.

Thanks for the response. When I listen I can hear the psu fan spinning. Is that normal even if it's busted? Is the only solution to making absolutely sure it's the psu is to try another one? If it turns out to be the psu, can you suggest one worth purchasing (I'm in Ireland, if that makes any difference)?

Thanks for helping me out :)

Can you hear where the clicking is coming from? Also, do you have a store bought computer, or was it built by someone?

It's a store bought pc. I just checked and it turns out I took out a coverplan :) Looks like I'll be ringing them tomorrow looking for a replacement part (which ever is busted).

Sounds like a good idea. Post back with what they determine the problem to be.

Will do. Thanks for agreeing to help me out. I must really read up on hardware components :)

Turns out there is a problem with the motherboard. Now it has to be sent to the UK for repairs, so I have to do without my desktop for at least two more weeks :(

Can you believe it's been six weeks today since a technician came and took away the mobo and it still hasn't been repaired and returned!!

I bought a new PC in the mean time :D Also, last week I rang about it and the rep on the phone told me that if it wasn't resolved within six weeks that I was entitled to a replacement PC. I'll be ringing on Monday looking for one! And apparently they don't make my model of PC any more. Fingers crossed they are forced into giving me a better PC ;)

get a mac and you won't have this problem again

get a mac and you won't have this problem again

Get a mac and you cant customize your computer...

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