I hope this is in the correct place and that someone will be able to help out.

I have an old computer, where I installed ubuntu 9.10 on and it told me that my 80Gb WD hdd was failing imminently. So I went and bought a 500Gb SATA hdd with a sata to ide bi-directional adapter(my mobo only uses SATA for raid I think.). Anyways, I removed the ide hdd and connected the bi-directional adapted to the mobo and then the sata hdd to the adapter, leaving the DVD drives and everything else untouched.

As the hdd is new I placed the ubuntu live cd in the dvd drive and tried to load it but I get a 'Boot failure' message asking to insert a proper boot device or cd. I don't understand why it's doing this and would appreciate any help you can give.

My bios detects both the new hdd and dvd drive and I have set the boot order to dvd/cd,hdd,dvd/cd,dvd/cd.

Thanks in advance

check your ubuntu live cd first may be its not booting
then replug your new hdd
hope it may work

Checked it, works fine!
Also tried with xp cd and still nothing!!!

When I insert disc and press any key I get this message:
Searching for Boot Record from CD/DVD-0..Not Found
Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0..Not Found

may be there is a problem with your dvd rom
try booting from a live usb
should definitlly work!!!!!!!!!!1

Make sure your BIOS is set to AUTOMATIC in the discovery mode for both the DVD and HDD. Pre set addresses may be confusing the system. Second, if you have SATA connections on your motherboard, by all means try connecting the new HDD via SATA without the adapter.

Are your hdd and dvd connected via the same ide cable as master-slave? Try disconnecting the new hdd and booting solely from the dvd. Then try vice versa. I suspect confusion over a master-slave connection when one is a sata with an adapter.