Hi guys,

I have an Asus F5GL (X59GL) and my fan is pretty loud. It sounds like when it powers on its clipping something.

Now I dont mind taking it out, giving it the once over and even replacing it if required. My issue is this:

How the hell does it come out? I have been searching online for ages. The only guides I have found display the fan having a few screws and the top popping off... great! Mine isn't like this.

Its situated towards the rear of the laptop, and after unscrewing doesnt want to budge. I'm worried its attached somewhere else.

Does anyone have any experience with these laptops/know how to get the thing out? Many thanks for any help.

This thread is a year old so i know the OP is unlikely to benefit, but for the benefit of anyone trying to remove the fan from an Asus F5GL (X59GL), for replacing/mending/essential dust maintenance... (note: doing any of this will void warranty)

my experience of the fan is that it is difficult to access/remove alone and is much much easier to remove along with the heatsink/heatpipe assembly (secured to the board with 4 screws over the CPU and 2 over the GPU) that's 8 screws total needing removal, plus the 5 needed to initially remove the access panel on the bottom of the laptop. for clarity once the screws are removed the fan, pipe, and heatsink will all slip up and out of the machine.

doing this will, however expose both the CPU and GPU chip, so you will want to keep the dust/static (ground yourself) off of those. My model came shipped with thermal paste on the CPU (first chip after fan along the heat pipe) and a thermal pad on the GPU, the pad i protected with fresh cling film (if yours is dry and useless you'll need to replace with a new pad or better a pasted copper shim) while i worked on the assembly, cleaning all of the dust / cracked dry thermal paste on the cpu etc off & reapplying thermal paste to the CPU chip & copper contact.

as far as i know thats the easiest way to maintain the fan & can keep your thermal paste fresh while you're at it.

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