When i go to boot my laptop, it wont boot correctly. what happens is that when i turn it on, the fan whurrles and the pwr light and the hdd light are on. i left it like that for a long time, and it does the same thing. Also, when i take out the CD drive, even with out powering it off, the HDD light goes off. So when the cd drive is out, the light is off. I opened it a while back to fix the pwr jack and it charges an all. thanks so much

King John

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A few things: What brand computer do you have? So after you boot the computer up....and all the lights come on ect...the screen stays black, or does it show thats it's going to startup up and then freeze? Have you tried booting from a CD/recovery disk instead of from the hard-drive? Cheer up, we'll help you out...

dell, nothing happens. THERE IS NO WAY TO DO ANYTHING! It is black.

could you fix this? i am having the same problem...

Dell Inspiron 1000, wont get past the black Dell screen, which gives options of F2 & F12 for boot options. The functions ARE NOT working. Anyone else, having this problem. No blue screen of death, but, BLACK DELL screen with the above options.

to all the above:
If there is really no response to the pressing thefunction buttons to get to the start up then there is either an electronic problem or there is no files (or corrupted ones ) that start the machine;
To test for electronic problems listen as it rtries to start and if there any beeps they can tell you by looking on google what the POST start up tests are trying to say. If there is only silence it sounds more and more like an electronic problem and those cannot easily be diagnosed without serious technical kit.
Have any of you tied using recovery cds or other (linux) type boot cds (you may have to change the boot options in the set up routine (can you get into that at start up?)
Hope this ,helps a bit

i had a similar issue a few years back, since then i told myself ill never buy a dell again. and i havent had a problem since. ;-)

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