Hey Everyone,

My sister has a Dell Inspiron 5150...The other night she spilled Coke onto the keyboard, and as you can imagine, the laptop didn't appreciate it!...Anyways, after everything stopped working, she brought it to me the next day and I opened everything up and cleaned/took out cables/replaced them, etc. Now the screen, keyboard, and everything else work fine except for the hard drive. The computer goes through the main Dell screen for about 9/10 of the way, then displays the message "Primary hard disk drive 0 not found/No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility." I've seen others on this forum have had this problem, but in this case, the hard drive is not faulty. I took it out and tried it in my laptop and it works perfectly fine. The computer is just not able to sense it...I took out the hard drive, cleaned the connections, replaced it, but nothing. In the BIOS, it does not detect it as well...I know there is power going to it because I hear it spinning, etc. Is there some connection on the motherboard that is faulty? Please help...She really needs this for school! Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! :cheesy:
(PS, the computer is out of warranty)

Doesn't sound to hopeful for that computer. ;)

(I think it got fried).


my friend has the same problem O_o ..
i hate you DELL =(