I have a MSI K7 Pro (MS6195) motherboard, and my computer has been intermittently stopping in the POST. When this happens the LED display on the motherboard indicates that the problem is occuring at the initialization of the floppy drive controller. Can anyone tell me which chip this is in, and what other functions it provides, and can I replace it at a reasonable cost?

The floppy controller cannot be replaced or fixed by you, being integrated into the motherboard. The board would have to be sent back to the manufacturer, and it looks like you have a rather old model that has likely run out of warranty long ago!

Are you sure the floppy controller is at fault? Where does your PC freeze exactly? How often does it occur? Have you tried stripping it to the bare minimum and troubleshooting from there?

Hey Coconut Monkey...I have the case open and sitting so that I can see it out of the corner of my eye while looking at my monitor so that I can see the LED display on the motherboard. And although the stopping in he POST is at random, it always shows the same configuration on the LED display (5)G (4)G (3)R (2)G, and the diagnostic chart shows that configuration to be: Initializing Floppy Drvie Controller. This happens so randomly that I can't even say x number of times a week, it could occur twice in a week, or go for three weeks without an incident. Am I correct in my thinking that to stiip it down to the bare bones wouldn't be productive with the randomness of the problem? I'm not in a postion to rebuild this computer at the moment, hence my desire to do the tech work, to my credit I do have some fairly good tech skills and access to a vacume type desoldering machine.

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