Well, this is frustrating...

M6755, 2+ yrs old, no extended warranty, won't power up. Press power button and it's light as well as the wireless light flashes once very quickly and then...nothing. No post no beep, nothing.

Backstory: power adapter low voltage wire where it exits the transformer started to fray internally because when I moved it one way or the other maybe it would charge and maybe it wouldn't. Eventually it stopped charging altogether so I purchased an aftermarket meant for this laptop and made sure all the specs match the OEM specs before I plugged in. Except for the AC side, which isn't grounded like the original.

The battery appears to charge ok because the light changes from purple (charging) to blue (charged) but if I unplug the charger the battery indicator light goes out altogether. At no time do I see the main power LED indicator light at all, plugged in or not.

I tried all the tricks you read about discharging the latent voltage, removing the battery and reinserting, re-seating the ram etc but to no avail.

Is it possible that the motherboard or something fried out due to the shorted charger wire?


Most machines will post to some extent even with NO RAM. However, on the whole, your own suspicions are probably correct, time to fork over for another machine. Also, you might want to remove the HD(s) to see if it/they can still be accessed. The RAM, etc. might still be good. Power, however, isn't going every where it needs to go on the system board.

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