Hello i am new in this forum so if i posted this thread in a false topic please dont flame me.Anyway i have this pc:

acer Aspire 5920g which cost me 2000 euros.I bought it one year before.I read many threads in the Internet about this laptop and every one says that its a very good computer(i have to inform you that i dont have the slightest idea about Hardwares and computers i am a complete noob).I bought many games and some of them lag when i put them in high quality.Modern Warfare 2 had no problem in high graphics but other games heavier or not than Modern Warfare lagged.Prototype for exampled,Crysis or even Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Metro 2033.However i have realised that when i reduce the shadow graphics or Anti-alising the lag almost disappeares.I want to know if this has anything to do with the graphics engine of my laptop or it has anything to do with the fps.If the fps is the problem could you please give me some instructions on how to increase them?

Here are the characteristics of my computer:
Windows Vista x32
Intel Core 2 Duo processir T5750(2.0 GHz,667 MHz FSB,2 MB L2 cache)
15,4 " WXGA Acer CrystalBrite LCD(8 ms / 220-nit)
Up to 1791MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 HyperMemory
250 GB HDD
802. 11a/b/g WLAN
DirectX 10
Default resolution must be 1280x800 or 1280x768

Thanks for your help!

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Your video card/graphics processor is the issue. This is confirmed by the fact that performance increased when you decreased the level of visual detail. "eye candy" such as shawows, water reflections and so on tend to take a great deal of graphics processing power, this is primarily what has been slowing your games down. Unfortunately on laptops there is not really a whole lot you can do to increase FPS without downgrading the on-screen visuals. With a desktop you could simply add a newer/more powerful graphics card, but that market doesnt really exist for laptops.

To improve game play in the games that lag, experiment with turning down the visual quality in your Options menu. The first things to start decreasing are things like Shadows, AA, AF, and Draw distance. This will lessen the lag on your system while still keeping some of the graphic quality.

Hope this helps

Yeah it really helped.I have verified the ways i can improve the problem.I always turned AA off and set shadows to low and my fps increased by 15-25.Are you sure that there are no ways to upgrade a laptop,if not to upgrade it just to do something with vista to get more fps.Its too pity because the games play very smoothy with at least 17 fps on my computer and i get 13-15.If you know a way to gain some fps more at least 5 please tell me.

Thanks anyway it really helped me a great deal!

Glad to hear it helped. As far as games go, each one is different as you found out with COD MW2 working fine but other titles were lagging. Because of this you will need to play with each games settings to find that sweet spot balance between visual clarity and FPS. Also, make sure to keep your drivers updated. If it has been a while since you updated your graphics drivers, go to www.amd.com and locate the graphics section and download updated drivers for your graphics card. Often times newer drivers address issues with certain games and can increase performance in those games.

is there any possibility of viruses inside these updates and i dont want to sound more skeptical but will these updates create any problem on my computer,i know it sounds stupid but it sounds too good to be true to be able to download updates from the internet and not buying them.

What you would be downloading is the drivers from the manufacturer of the Video card (ATI...which was bought by AMD). When downloaded from the offical site, there should be no risk of viruses. To be clear, these are updated DRIVERS for the Video Card, not some sort of Freeware hacked game file or anything.

are you sure that they will help b10hzrd?

There is no guarantee that new drivers will help. Driver updates are designed to address issues with hardware/software compatability. You can generally find a list of what the current driver update fixes/improves. You can read through that if you prefer before you download it.

thanks b10hzrd this really helped.i will certainly try this out and see if i gain any more fps.

questions answered,thread solved

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