So I figured out that I need a new motherboard. The question now is, how can I transfer/retrieve my information from my old computer to a new one?

This is what happened:
Computer was turned on, and Im guessing that a there was a power surge. My computer won't turn on at all. In the back, the yellow/greenish light keeps flashing, and it makes a clicking sound when it flashes.

I talked to a couple of people, and they said that I need a new motherboard/ or a new comp.

---Is there any way I can get all my old stuff from my other computer to my new one??? Help Pleasee!!!!!

first change the MOBO, if it's really dead, then with the new one it will boot. Boot with HIRENS BOOT CD (free), and start Mini Windows XP. Then you will be able to get your data and copy them to an external drive. Other option is to boot in safe mode, and propably you will get into your windows installation, and have access to your data. Then you can uninstall ALL of your old mobo drivers, and restart. After this your Pc will boot normally, just install new mobo drivers, and that's it ;-)

Best regards, Andrej

is there any way that i can just switch my hard drives? put the old one into the new one? (if i can find one that is compatible)?

yes, you can try it, but i would suggest you try with safe mode first !



If you have another pc you could put the old hard drive into a working computer and transfer the data over to another source e.g. external hard drive. If you have more free space than used on the old hard drive you could use a linux live cd to shrink the existing partition and reinstall windows on a new partition(using the freespace) then transfer the data over to the new installation.

You could do with testing the components first. You should test to see if the PSU is working if not get another. Then test the working PSU with the current mother board, you should also test everything else, graphics card(if seperate), hard drive etc...

- Let us know how it goes.