Hello...I have a Western Digital 750GB External Hard Drive which has worked for months...

Than Ive tried to make a partition and install linux on it...but than after about 5% of formatting i realized i made a mistake and it was deleting my data off of it...i canceled it at 5% and turned windows on...tried it and it didnt work, wont show up on MY COMPUTER...

although it shows up in the disk management section...and it shows up as RAW...

is there anyway to retrieve my data before i reformat it? or a free data recovery tool?

Any help is appreciated...


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I may be incorrect, but I believe that the data is unrecoverable without using professional data recovery (They disassemble the disk and manually retrieve SOME/most of the lost data, at great expense). Please correct me if I prove incorrect. Best of luck, Mav.

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idk about that...ive found a program that says they can recover the data...although it was a demo version...and i started to scan it and it said it was going to take 6.5+ hours :|

so i thought there might be some other way...im going to lose some very important information...so much for backing it up on an external...lol...

thanks though...


Well good luck, 6.5 hrs is a small price to pay for recovery though. Let me know how/if it works and the name of the program. Hopefully i'm wrong. ~Mav.


hmm...thats true...ill start rescanning it again...

the program is called Recover It All Professional


i think i need to write a new Master Boot Record...my mistake...the format doesnt show up as RAW..it actually doesnt even show anything there...blank...

anyone know a free program that will do that? its worth a try...



never mind...i deleted the volume and reformatted my external...thanks for the help though...

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thx, feel like you helped me more than I helped you, LOL :)

never mind...i deleted the volume and reformatted my external...thanks for the help though...

No problem, sorry I couldn't have been of more help though. ~Mav.

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