I will try to make this as short as possible.

I bought a new flat screen monitor (Samsung) for my Dell desktop. When I hooked it, the computer comes on and starts to hum along, but the LED light on the monitor starts to flash. Called Samsung and they told me to try a different monitor. So I hooked my old Dell CRT monitor. It doesn't work either. I am baffled. I haven't used that computer since I left school and I just unpacked it the other day when I hooked up the monitor. This computer is barely a year old (but just old enough for the warranty to expire. grr.). I'm thinking that maybe this is a video card issue. A friend of mine installed a new video card (Radeon something)in it this spring and it worked fine. I'm going back to school in a week and I need this piece of junk to work!

Any help would be appreciated beyond the point of decency!

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Before you go nuts with all the various complicated fixes, make sure of the one simple thing: you are hooking up the monitor(s) to the video card, right? ;)


I double checked all the connections with the mouse and keyboard. My friend, the guy who installed the video card, and I opened the tower and checked to make sure everything was still intact and it was. So I called Dell and they don't really know what is wrong with it either.

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