Hi everybody, just gotta quick question,
On my usb 2.0 pcmcia card (2 plug), there is a power adapter hole in between the usb slots, what is this used for? is it even necessary ? I thought pcmcia slots were self powering ?

Also, i have a 4x burner (...i know....primitive) and alot of my discs are only burning at 2x MAX, and this is what happens on like 4x discs, and also, i cant burn any media above 4x, Ive heard that even if you get 8x discs, you cant still burn em at 4x.... not in my case, very rarely will i find a brand that is 8x and can burn on my burner (so far only maxell will burn at 2x, but they go up to 8x, and i got a 4x burner, what gives ?). Now i have like over 200 -r 8x DVD's memorex and GQ that are worthless to me, Does this have anything to do with that power inlet on my usb 2.0 pcmcia card ?

Sorry if this is a little confusing, Ive been up for 51 hours and am about to go sleep for a good day or two in a while, thanks in advance to all of ya.

My burner is NEC_DVD_RW 1300a..... i believe


With regards to the power adapter connector on the USB card, as far as I am aware this is for USB Devices that require external power, and cannot get the power needed from the actual USB port itself.

Not sure about the DVD Burner issue though, maybe try a firmware upgrade. Check their website and see if there are any known issues with this drive.

thanks, but its not a usb periph., its a pcmcia card WITH USB 2.0 ports on it...and the power hole..... any ideas on that ?!?!?!

when running lots of things on usb not enought power can be supplied by the PCI so aditional power is used to make them work

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