While shipping my laptop, the laptop seems to have got a shock. The top 40 % of the screen is showing the correct display whereas the remaining portion shows vertical lines.
What could be wrong ? any help would be appreciated. I am attaching the picture of the laptop

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hi there,

it sounds like telling people the problem wont help you, unfortunately i think that you should take it somewhere so that somebody can have a look at it themselves, pictures and descriptions may not be enough for this sorry to say it :( however mabe somebody else can help you? i have given you my opinion on the matter, i could be wrong
glad to help



sounds like the graphics card has been jolted. take it down to PC WORLD. they'll sort it for you. if they cant sort it they'll tell u who can.


i used to own a compaq armada ...
after a few months of use the screen used to start going haywire ... got it fixed outside(too risky to spoil the laptop by myself)..the problem was in the ribbon connector .had to get that replaced

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