My friend has a Sony combo drive, the CRX 320 EE. Supposedly, this drive, as a CD writer is a 52x32x52x drive. Trouble is, when I put in a 52x CD-R disc (Moser Baer 52x CD-R), nero detects it as a 40x disc. The CD is a 52x CD-R. I have confirmed the same on my writer. However, in this sony drive, it is detected as a 40x disc. Everest Home Edition has detected the max CD-R write speed of this writer as 52x. I'm prettymuch stumped here. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance

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how come?as i know,not all cd R running at the same speed what writen or display at the buttom.what version you have in your nero software?reply me if you solve this problem...


Hi Karl,
The Nero version is'm pretty sure the disc is a 52x CD-R as its detected as 52x in my writer(ASUS CRW-5232AS).

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