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My old hdd died last week and I found a good deal on a 200GB Maxtor. The broblem is that I'm using Windows 2k Pro which will normally only recognize 137GB, it came with software that will enable the OS to recognize the larger hdd as long as the W2k has SP3 or better. There's the rub...all I had was the CD to install the W2k, no service pac, so I split the drive into C and D partitions and installed the OS. The instructions had warned that installing this large of a hdd without the software provided could lead to lost data. The only problem that I see is that Everest only shows 127GB of the 200.

This seams like the old catch 22, can't install the sp4 ( what is current) until the system is up and running, and then the hdd is all ready partitioned and formatted and has w2k running, what's a guy suppose to do?

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