Hey guys, my old PC's motherboard firied! but I wanted to save my files that were on my hard drive, so I made it a slave on another computer. now I cannot acesses the files on the slave due to them being password protected. I have tryed setting the jumpers to make boot from the old hard drive but when it looks up in normal and in safe mode it runs jiberish across the screen in a dos form and crashes. I need help! any sugestions would be great


Although I've never tired this for password-protected files, presented with your situation, I would use a hard drive recovery utility.

My favorite recovery utility is GETDATABACK: http://www.runtime.org/.


Thanks, I will try it, is it something I need to do in a commant pompt or can i do it though windows while I am loged on?

GETDATABACK is a windows application, however, there are various types including non-windows and non-gui. User prefrence!


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