Ive just recently bought the Nividia FX5500 128mb

my PC spec is

2200+ AMD Athlon
512DDR 2100
300w PSU
Asrock k78XE

I had a Geforce FX5200 128mb. I took that one out and replaced it with the FX5500. I booted up the PC loaded k installed drivers and then that was k asked me to restart. The system began to shutdown and then went to start back up and nothing the PC was still on back on start up but nothing was comming on the screen the Monitor was flashing with a orange light, and stayed liked that for hours.

Whats wrong and how can this be fixed thx

Visit www.nvidia.com and download the latest drivers from there. Put them on a CD. (Use another PC to do the job, of course)

Boot into 'Safe mode'. Uninstall all display drivers you can find. Use System Properties -> Device Manager and 'View Hidden devices to check if there are any 'phantom' display devices and uninstall those also.

Install the driver downloaded from Nvidia and reboot.

I can't get into windows cos soons i turn the machine on the machine's starts without the Monitor turning from standby with the Geforce FX5500 in it.


Did you have power turned off at the power outlet, or remove the power cord when you changed cards? If you simply shut down windows, opened the case and changed cards you may have damaged something, because there would still be power to the motherboard.

Are you sure that the new card is firmly and fully inserted into the slot?

Are you sure that the monitor cable is firnly and fully attached?

Is there a chance that you've bent a connector pin when changing cards?

Is there a chance that the monitor cable is damaged?

Was the monitor turned off when you were making the change?

Last but not least by any means, did you reset CMOS on the motherboard after changing the card?

The machine turns on power comes to the machine the lights flash on the CD ROM drives even the HDD Flashe's

But the Monitor just stays off in Standby mode.

Ive put my FX5200 back in and the PC works Fine now.

This is a strange one

Could the problem lye with my PSU just being not at the right watage cos there's only 50w difference.

Did you reset CMOS and try?

Motherboard manual, bottom of page 13:

Power off, switch off at outlet, remove the ATX power connector from the motherboard and short the jumper as described. (If there's no jumper cap there, 'borrow' one from another jumper on the board, but be sure to put it back afterwards.

Replace the ATX connector, power up and see if it works.

what if even that doesn't work? as i am also having the same problem