Just today, my computer overheated, and since i have turned it on, one my computer loads up, and i turn my speakers up a bit, there is a noticble ringing sound, I know its not my speakers because i can also hear it in headphones, any ideas? I have a RealTek AC97 Audio Card. If you need any more specs tell me.

Is this ringing sound similar to static or an actual sound?
Are you sure that the sound is coming from your sound card and not from some other component inside your system (motherboard alarm, hard drive, etc)?

My first thought is that your system is overheating, and an alarm is going off to tell you about the problem. Can you check your temperatures to make sure that you are not overheating?

If it looks like the sound is coming from your sound card, and it is a type of static sound rather than a soundclip, you might try to upgrade your drivers and see if that helps.

Another idea I have is starting up in Safe Mode to see if the sound occurs in Safe Mode as well. If it doesn't you might have a program that is either creating that sound or is interfering with the sound card somehow.

alright thanks, do you have any clue how i can update my drivers though?

It depends on who built your computer. If it's a big-name company, go to their site and go to the support page. If you built it yourself or someone built it for you, you will have to do some research. First find out who made your motherboard and what model it is. Once you know that information, go to their site and look for the driver there. If you don't know what motherboard you have, check the link in my sig to download free software that can tell you.

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