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I am having trouble with an install of a DVD-r drive on a computer that I recently purchased. When I install the device, Windows (XP) refuses to start up. I get to the page where it starts to load, but then nothing happens after that. I have tried disconnecting the power supply to the dvd-r drive (leaving it connected to the computer) and Windows loads properly. I then tried disconnecting the drive and leaving the power supply attached and Windows also loads without any problems. It just fails to load when I have the drive installed properly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can correct this?

Thank you.

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You need to change the jumper setting on the DVD-R drive. Check the instruction book that came with it to see how you need to change the jumpers (on the DVD-r drive) in order to function as the master or slave (or cable select if available). Depending on how many devices you have (Hard drive and CDROMs and DVDROMS, etc) Your setup will be different. If you are hooking your DVD-R up to a data cable and its attached to the furthest connector from the motherboard it should have the jumpers set as master. If its on the connector closer to the motherboard they should be set to slave. If the option is available change the jumper settings on the DVD-R to cable select. That way it will automatically detect it for you.

That should solve your prob, if it doesn't I'll check in later

Shane McP


Hi Shane,

Thanks for the response. Everything is working well now.

Take care.

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