Hi there.

My Mum's laptop is practically unusable. It will work for anywhere between 20 and 80 minutes, and then one (or even a combination) of the following will happen.

a.) Blue-screen of death (BSoD): Physical dump of memory
b.) ATI graphics card driver will crash, screen resolution drops to 640x480, possible BSoD (ATI2dvag infinite loop)
c.) Random restart

Have had this problem for a while now and not sure what to do. I believe that the BSoD is caused by the ATI driver crashing, though sometimes the graphics card will crash, and their will be no BSoD, or we will get a BSoD before it has crashed (or at least we don't get a chance to see that it has crashed). More recently, the laptop has been restarting itself randomly, which will repeat several times continously (restart, boot, restart, boot, restart, boot etc.). This happens rarely, though.

Not sure what all the specs are but I think it's a little bit like this (I'll boot it up later to get the full config).

Intel Dual Core processor (I think 3GHz)
Not sure how much RAM
Windows XP (SP2)
ATI Graphics card (not sure which, will find out later)

I have the install disc for Windows XP, so I am prepared to format the disks and wipe it clean (though this would have to wait a bit, until we have a laptop that my mum can borrow).

If you can help with any of those problems at all or have any suggestions please do post them in a reply.


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have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the video driver?

Yeah. Full unistall, reinstall, driver reinstall, driver rollback, driver update.

Errr...I'll have a go. It might be difficult, seeing as there are a million other things that could go wrong instead of the BSoD. There's plenty of information on the ATI2dvag infinte loop BSoD and Physical Dump of Memory BSoD on google. I would give you a link but I don't know what bits of info you need.

I don't need to read info on google about bsod !

did you get update drive from Toshiba web site for the laptop ???

did you run the blue screen viewer i posted above ,it will read mini dump file on your computer ,you can then go to edit and select all ,then edit and copy ,and copy results in you next post here ,

OK if you really need it I'll try and find time to do it sometime soon. Yes we tried updating all the drivers already.

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