Hi people
I have recently bought a second hand pentium 3 computer and have had some trouble. I cant start it. I press the on button and nothing happens. no post codes, no display, no lights, no fans, NOTHING. When this first started, the hdd light lit up, but now there is nothing. My computer is:
-pentium 3 atx
-1 Ghz
-256 Meg ram
-40 gig hdd
-windows me

Can any one help?

sounds like your power supply is dead
the hdd light that light up once would have been the last sign of power it had...which means that it will need a new psu

i bought a new power supply and hooked it up and it worked perfectly...until i shut it down. the next time i tried to turn it on the same problem occured.


if u unplug it and replug it in and then it works again (test this first)

if it works everytime you do this then it could be sometihng to do with the atx not in right or the power button is not plugged in

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