I have a fairly old HP Pavilion 5390 notebook running on windows ME. After using it as a back-up internet connection for a couple of years we decided to run a virus scan on it. We never had a virus protection program on it until a couple of weeks ago. When the test was finished, it found hundreds of files and said "This file may contain an unknown virus, Freedom will delete it" (the security software is Freedom security, provided by Adelphia). After it deleted all of the "viruses" the computer needed to restart. It goes through the normal progressions of the windows ME screen and plays the little sound byte upon startup. The only problem is that then it is just a white screen, no icons, no background, no start menu, just plain white. What makes it even weirder is that when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del it lists absolutely no programs as running. It is a blank menu for the programs running. Did the virus center delete all of my files? If anybody has any idea on what is going on, let me know.


I would suspect it did. Try starting in safe mode and see if you are able to get to the desktop. You may end up reloading Windows ME.

Tried it in safe mode and the exact same thing happened, looks like i have to reload ME :mad:

Hmmm, I just started my own Win ME thread in the OS section as I have used this OS with my very first PC and it had not been a problem, for literally years. My PC was an eMachine eTower WITH DVD/CD R and it still runs today in fact. I have tried my WinME restore discs a couple times, mostly on a second PC that lacked an OS... Not sure if it was protection intended, but it came up stating it had expired ("this version of WinME...") and I had to go to MS's site IIRC. I figured then you wind up paying for an upgrade, etc. I opted to spend any money on a new OS out-of-the-box. , via eBay. One that was never installed, to be exact.

I believe ME was the first version of Windows to include a "System Restore" option. If your system had "System Restore" enabled, you can try pressing F8 during boot and selecting "Last known good configuration" or some similar option if offered or booting from a system rescue disk if you have one. The only problem is if you had a virus then your restore point file is most likely infected as well.

I actually found the system restore disk that came with ME and there was a HP disk. I did that and now the system runs fine. Looks like something deleted my files though, dunno if it was the virus or the anti-virus. Either way, it sucked.

Thanks anyway,

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