Computer Virgin here. I have an AMD board which I've packaged myself and is running XP. It's been running perfectly for 10 months and this evening it has stopped working whilst working on a MSpowerpoint presentation.

The PC just stopped with the message 'no signal' on the monitor and now it wont start at all. Pressing the button to start it does nothing, no lights, no fans, nothing.

I've checked the power up to the power supply using a multimeter (resistance check) and I can safely say there is power going to the power supply.

I'm trying to ascertain whether the above is symptomatic of a motherboard fault or of a power supply fault.

Is this normally how motherboards fall over?

Any help would be appreciated.


That is not enough information from which to make any 'diagnosis'. Please make use of the "Read this first" pinned topic at top of page to troubleshoot your system in a 'bare bones' configuration and report back when you have a better idea of what your situation is.