I installed a CD-RW today and went to the local Staples to purchase some discs, and very shortly there after I found out that I needed an education.

Are the blank discs called media?

My CD-RW is 52x32x52x, does this mean that I need a specific blank disk?

What sort of specs do I need to know about to make a purchase?

What is the difference between the Staples brand and other major manufacturers?

And of course, is there something that I should have asked?

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Yes all disc's are called media.

Yes there are different qualities of disc's

You can use any CD-R up to 52x
So if you find CD-R 48x they will work..

Did your hardware come with Nero?
It is decent software...

There are others to AVOID like the plague...
One in particular virtually requires a full reinstall of the OS to get rid of it...

Sorry but I cant remember the name of it...
I will probably remember it as soon as I log off.


Thanks Thong Ispector...yes I did install the nero express. I'm off to puchase some media!

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