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The first problem is your explanation. How about some information about what goes on after the memory message? Is BIOS just freezing after the memory message or are you receiving any further explanation on BIOS’s attempts to load/boot an OS? What OS are you running? Can you boot with a CD? Can you Boot with a Floppy? Can you get into the BIOS configuration utility? (Enter the utility by pressing Delete) Does BIOS recognize the hard drive? Do you have a disk in the Floppy drive during boot?

I see you're new to Daniweb and most likely new to posting questions to any tech forum. It's hard to help someone over the Internet who can't first help him/herself. In that regard, you MUST provide as much information as possible about your issue. No one is going to say anything negative about someone posting too much information. Otherwise we could spend weeks just guessing and giving you ideas on how to fix a problem that could have been fixed in five minutes with the appropriate information.

Apparently you're a slow learner.



Yo J first of all you are slow I am a technician and you should know what the problem is it's most likely to be a electronics problem with a capacitor

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