I was fiddling around with tweaking the system;
i kept changing the mhz/pci thing in the bios, it is default at 100/33 at 1700 mhz

i tried 133/33 and it didnt boot up, i rebooted it, and it was fine so i changed it a few steps lower, to 125/42, and rebooted that, that went through well untill i got to the windows xp login screen, and after selecting my user, it just took forever so i restarted pc, i then changed it to 118/39, and then realized that it goes to post, then checks the boot up sequence, then restarts back to post (it doesnt make that beep sound after the initial machine startup).

I changed it back to 100/33, and it just keeps doing that cycle over and over.

When i turned off my pc, i also noticed that there is a high pitched noise comming from my power supply unit (i think), and if i turn it off from the back, or pull out the ac cord, the noise stops.

I tried disconnecting the drive with my OS in it, and it shows me the cannot find os message, but when i plug it back in, it goes through the loop of restarting back to post, is there any way to get my pc working?

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n/m i think my c drive was just bunred out or seriously screwed over due to the overclocking

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