Hey, just a simple inquiry. I have a Sony Vaio PCV RX and I plan on putting in a Rosewill GeForce 6600, but I keep hearing about how some Vaio's are non upgradable. Anyone happen to know if my model is upgradable?

Seems like there are a whole heck of a lot of your PCV RX's (different models). You best bet is to go to http://esupport.sony.com/ and in the lower right corner, enter your model number. Go from there. Or you can contact Sony. I'm afraid that's all I can do to help you.

If you communicate with them, be sure to tell them what type of video card you would like to put in.

ok honestly i was in your shoes about 1 month ago...and i ended up buying a whole new computer lol...heres why

sonys psu's are small! -> small in wattage and small in size...if you want to upgrade your card you will need more power for it and to get more power you need to upgrade your powersupply...ok this is fine but now sony uses a special super small psu that you can not buy anywhere above 300 watts...not good because a normal sized one wont fit in the sony case because its too big...so to upgrade sofar now you need a new case, and powersupply...but wait...your going to try and put your new motherboard in the new case? well sony uses special motherboards that has different hole combinations so you wont be able to mount it in another case...so you need a new motherboard also...at this rate the only things left not to be new are your hd's and rom drives and processor...but if your buying a new video card and motherboard, sell your old processor on ebay and buy a new one and a new pci e motherboard and you are set for the future...
After this and many of my ongoing battles with sony support about different subjects, i will never ever buy a sony vaio desktop ever again and i hope none of you do neither because they are not upgradeable.

by the way for about $20 more you can get a much better card..the 6600gt...its got 500 mhz core speed vs 300mhz and 1000mhz ram vs 800mhz...all in all it plays games much much more smoother...the results would be very noticable

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