I'm trying to follow the instructions for this project from tomshardware.com (http://www.tomshardware.com/howto/20041113/index.html) and in the process I've encountered this headache of an obstacle.

What is required is an old overhead projector which i've already had in my posession and a cheap 15" lcd display (found an old viewsonic with burnt out CCFL's for nothing). The pictures below show what the issue is.


When trying to fold back the circuitry on the panel, there is a flex circuit / ribbon holding it together. It pulls out of the connector on the one side no problem but on the other it is soldered down. Somehow I have to find a way to extend this 20pin transparent plastic cable which is barely half an inch wide, and circuit city has no idea what this is. Is this mylar? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

damn, I was afraid of that. Since this model needs the CCFL's replaced anyways, I might as well fix that so I can go ahead and swap it for another model preferably a 14" Samsung or Iiyama. The 14" seems to fit the surface of my 3m projector alot better, and that way I won't lose any of the picture. This 20pin ribbon cable might do the job, but I have a feeling it isn't the same width, and if it isn't it would be too complicated so screw that idea. Anyone got a cheap 14" lcd display for sale, maybe with a burned out backlight? I'll buy it!


Your post was the first time I've even heard of this. 300 cost + 30 bulb replacements sure beats 1500 + 200. I can't wait to do it. But my only fear is regarding the delicacy of the screen. Is the thing really that easy to break, or does the article just give fair warnings?

Let me know if you run into anything first hand I should know about.

Thanks for the article!


To answer your question, they are very delicate but if you are careful will be fine.
Some great news.. I found the solution to my LCD problem by ordering these two parts on mouser.com to extent the flex ribbon, and it works! Now if only my old 3M 213 overhead were a bit brighter with a larger aperture size.

2 538-21020-0215 2 3.030 6.06
Molex .50mm FFC/FPC

2 538-52745-2090 2 0.960 1.92
Molex .50mm FFC/FPC


Tom's Hardware Recommended List of LCD Monitors

I put a link on the only one I could find at a reasonable price. Most of the monitors below were not even available anymore (searching Froogle & Pricewatch). I don't know much about LCD, but it seems as if the 15" monitors are few and far between. Any suggestions?


Manufacturer Type
Samsung Samtron 50X 0
Samsung SyncMaster 152N 1 (ebay,used) $200+
Samsung SyncMaster 152X 0
Samsung SyncMaster 152V 0
Samsung SyncMaster 510N $250+ (unfamiliar sources)
Samsung SyncMaster 510T 0
Samsung SyncMaster 510M $250+ (unfamiliar sources)
Hyundai ImageQuest L50A 0
Hyundai ImageQuest LM1510 0
Iiyama prolite E383 $230+
Iiyama BX3814UT 0
LG L1510H 0
LG Flatron 577 LH 0
Videoseven V7 L15E 0
Videoseven V7 L15EM 0
Videoseven V7 L15PS 0
Maxdata Belinea 101536 0
Maxdata Belinea 101535 0
Maxdata Belinea 101570 0
Wortmann Magic LCD One 4 Office 0
Eizo L365 $320+
Aopen F50LS 0
CTX PV520 $280+
Cornea MP503 0


How bright (# Lumens) is your current projector? The site recommends 3,500+, but I'm having a hard time finding that high of a number for a reasonable price. Do you think 2,500 is too dim?


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