When i turn on my pc and it loads up the colour is always set to 16colours when it is usually 24bit colour. the resolution is usually at 800x600 bt sets it self to 640x800. Iv tried right clickin ang changing it bt when i restart it when prompted bt when i log bak on its just the same again.

I dont know what has happened as it only jus came on one day when i turned on my pc..

plz post reply to my >>Email removed<<

thank yous whoever can help

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Uninstall your video card driver and install it again.

Maybe your video card is too out of date.

try upgrading your video card drivers. you can do this by going to the video card manufacturers website and downloading driver updates.

Failing that, if you have another machine that operates absolutely fine with no display problems, take the video card out of the sick machine and place it in the well machine and vice versa. see my equations as below.

video card (bad machine) - AGP/PCI (depending on video ard type) to good machine
video card (good machine) - AGP/PCI bad machine

if you find that the graphics are down on the good machine then put it down to a bad Video card. If however the fault still lies within the bad machine then chances are the motherboard is bad. change either the card or motherboard depending on the problem but be sure to rule out these problems first.

Try removing your video card from device manager and restarting the computer.

Might work. its something i would reccommend by all means. try this first then resolve to removing the card and trying another. its always best to try and make things as simple as possible and romoving and reinstalling in device manager is the simplest option available.

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