I'm having trouble getting rid of my USB to serial driver so that I can install a new one. I have deleted the device in device manager so that it shows up as the generic Usb to serial device. But when I am in the update device driver and point it to look where I've put the new driver I want, it always comes back up with the old driver and asks me to put the cd back in.

How do I really get rid of the old driver and use the one I want? It must be something more than just uninstalling the device in device manager?

I have Windows XP Professional. The driver I want to get rid of is the MMUI Express to serial bridge driver.



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Have a look in your Inf directory. I think it's in windows, system32 (I use windows 7 nowadays and it's different to XP) and see if you can find any files with the name of the serial device in them. Any files you find, right click and rename and add .old on the end. Reboot your PC and see if you get any problems. If you do, rename them back to their original names.

If you are happy that you have got the right file(s) then you can go ahead and delete them. The point of renaming them to .old is so you can restore them if you have other problems.

Thanks for the advice. I looked in the inf folder and the only things recently modified (I just installed the thing) don't look anything like serial drivers or have that specific driver name. (Picture attached)

I dont see anything there and search found nothing there. Is there anything else that could be causing the issue?


It is very easy to change usb to serial driver you just have to change the settings of your PC

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