I'm deciding on what to purchase for my PC. I have 2 choices: a PC monitor or an LCD HDTV. Now, I'm leaning towards the tv because I want to opt to use it for gaming with my vg consoles (mainly my PS2). Only drawback is the price in which I can get a very good monitor.

My friend recommend this Hannspree HF257HPB 25 in. Flat-Panel LCD Monitor to me, it sounds great for the price($240), but...

Which would be a better buy? Keep in mind, I'm only limiting myself to $300. I know you have to pay for quality but I'm in need and I need to make up my mind by Saturday.

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Your going to get a better resolution with most pc monitors when you get above 22" than you will with a TV of the same size. as long as you keep it <30" though, it shouldn't be that noticeable.

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