I have a Logitech ClearCase serial mouse (from 1988) that I want to use with windows XP.

I have had no luck with this mouse so far.

I will test the wires to see if they are broken. (I doubt it though)

Any solutions are welcome!!



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Sorry, I must have forgotten to explain my problem.....

I have plugged in the mouse and booted Windows, and nothing happened.
How do I get Windows to install the mouse and let me use it?

The serial port is enabled in the BIOS so the problem maybe the mouse?


Try using the mouse on other laptop to see whether your mouse has any problem. If yes, its time to change a new mouse if no just plug in your mouse to the laptop you want to use. To use a mouse you need not install anything. Just make sure all your drivers are updated just in case.

If you use Window XP try this link


Haha, thanks Bal for reminding me. It seems like i copy and pasted the link to the wrong thread. Because there is another poster here using a normal mouse but cannot use it. The computer don't seem to recognise it. now i know what a joker i am. back to this thread, how is it going java. What is your progress now, we need to know? Thanks.

Sorry for the late reply... I thought that I would let this thread sit on the back burner for a while.

I have already tried my mouse with my *old* laptop (1999?) I'm running Windows ME on it---It does not work (I actually permanantly disabled my onboard touchpad on the laptop too! Now I must use my laser mouse to use a mouse!)

However! the mouse works great under DOS and Windows 3.1 (both of which I run at home) so I think that I'll use the mouse for Windows 3.1.

I won't close this thread yet, but I will soon.

Thanks for your help!

P.S: Bal, the link you posted is to Logitech's Mouseware 9.80 program (which I tried with no luck) thanks though! (That program is supposed to find thae mouse but it seems I discovered that the mouse is detected as a MODEM under Windows XP! Why?...it's a mouse for pete's sake not a modem!)

The other method is to check the resource allocation for you serial mouse .
first check that and send the status here

Have you checked to see if you got a modem?

might be using same port config as the modem?

well i have also a usb mouse which has a better result, i'm using a long time ago, as compared to serial mouse this is best usb mouse is best.


Mouse you are currently using is very old and may be compatible with only previous versions of windows that's why it is not working with XP....


Hi lincolnscofield,

Who are you referring at? Because thr original poster have not come back for weeks already. I also share the same sentiment with you, the mouse can only work with an old version of windows.

Sorry everyone!
I did not reply for weeks...
I meant to mark this as 'solved' but I kept on forgetting to...
(I don't want to wait for my dial-up to load the page)
But here I am!
I'll try to be online more.

Anyway, according to my computer tech. teacher Windows XP and up don't support serial mice anymore which explains alot of things...
I decided to use the serial mouse just for Windows 3.1. The only thing left to do is to soldier in my LED into the mouse (I've done this before at school just I don't have a soldiering iron yet...)

Sorry for the late reply and thanks to everyone for their help!
End result use new devices for *new* operating systems.

Its ok. Good to hear a reply from you too:)

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