Recently, Id say within the last month, my computer has began to shut down, as in turn off, on its own. No warnings from windows, it just shuts down. Does not restart.

Typically after it shuts down I press the power button, and it takes about 15-20 seconds before I see the ASUS mobo screen.

My Power supply and mobo are only about 3 months old, Ive got a 420Watt Thermaltake and an ASUS motherboard.

Ive also had issues with memory as Kingston has sent me 2 replacements of one of my 512 chips, though im pretty certain their reason for failure is unrelated.

Any ideas? Maybe there isnt enough thermal paste under my processor and its shutting off / overheating?

Thanks alot.

Maybe problems with power supply after all...

ACtually, opened up the case, and found teh cpu heatsink to be covered in dust...i re applied thermal paste to the cleaned processor and blew out all the gunk, working perfectly now!

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