Recently (about a month or two ago) my monitor blinks very rapidly whenever im viewing a white screen for the first 5 or so minutes that the monitor is on. If I view a white screen the screen flashes black and then back to what im viewing etc. I leave the computer on but I turn the monitor off at night. Its a 21" Dell P1110 (CRT). Also, there are 9 lines running diagonally across the screen that never go away. Their just very thin lines of brightness not black or any other color. I recently changed my Nvidia TNT 2 with a Nvidia MX/MX400 Geforce 2 my friend gave me. I dont exactly remember whether or not the lines and flashing happened when i had my TNT 2 in but i'm having my friend in school tomorrow give it back to me (we traded the two cards) so I can see whether or not that was the problem. Anyone think it could be something else?

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I just tried this monitor on my old Dell XPS from 1995 and there were lines, I tried my older monitor on this computer (incase it may have been a BIOS conflict) and it works fine with no lines at all so I think that the monitor maybe is just somewhat broken?

Certainly sounds like the monitor has passed its 'Use By' date.

Have you try pressing the degauss button on the monitor.

Yup, didn't do anything. im not concerned really im building a new computer within a week or two anyway with a new lcd monitor. My sister, mom and dad will use this one.

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