Recently (about a month or two ago) my monitor blinks very rapidly whenever im viewing a white screen for the first 5 or so minutes that the monitor is on. If I view a white screen the screen flashes black and then back to what im viewing etc. I leave the computer on but I turn the monitor off at night. Its a 21" Dell P1110 (CRT). Also, there are 9 lines running diagonally across the screen that never go away. Their just very thin lines of brightness not black or any other color. I recently changed my Nvidia TNT 2 with a Nvidia MX/MX400 Geforce 2 my friend gave me. I dont exactly remember whether or not the lines and flashing happened when i had my TNT 2 in but i'm having my friend in school tomorrow give it back to me (we traded the two cards) so I can see whether or not that was the problem. Anyone think it could be something else?

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I just tried this monitor on my old Dell XPS from 1995 and there were lines, I tried my older monitor on this computer (incase it may have been a BIOS conflict) and it works fine with no lines at all so I think that the monitor maybe is just somewhat broken?


Yup, didn't do anything. im not concerned really im building a new computer within a week or two anyway with a new lcd monitor. My sister, mom and dad will use this one.

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