I have a laptop--Gateway P-6860fx. The operating system is Windows Vista.

I was using my computer. It froze. I hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE.

This message came on-- Logon process has failed to create the security options dialog

Failure-Security Options

I clicked OK. The screen became blank. The computer was unresponsive. I unplugged the computer to shutdown.

I booted up in safe mode and then shutdown the correct way.
I booted up again. It took a long time. I hit F10 and then escape. The login screen came up. I logged in. I went to a website and then shutdown correctly.

I have not turned on the computer again. What is the problem with my computer? How do I fix it?

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Is your computer working fine now???...

I have not turned on the computer since the incident I described above. I did not want to turn on the computer until I know how to solve the problem.

Well what if there is no problem.. it's a one time error??.. can you start up your machine, and let me know what happens.

you have to start the PC to fix the problem. when you restart checl the event log for any errors. as D Ace said it might be a one time thing. base one the key stroke you completed. i would also suggest that you disable the log in process until you resolve the problem ( if it arise again) BTW how do you log into the PC do you have to press Ctrl+ALT+DEL. turn that off, unlees you are loggin in to a domain.if you MUST use a password use the local logon where is shows user name then you select and enter your password.

How do i check the event log for any errors?

The computer boots up, I enter my password. Then the computer continues to the desktop.

So it's working as it normally would now??... I wouldn't worry about it, unless it happens again.

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