Hey folks, Apple has launched the iPad 2 with some pretty cool improvements...

The new pad gets:New Dual-core A5 processor = up to 9x faster performance, better graphics
New, thinner design = 33% thinner and 15% lighter
Two cameras (front and rear) = FaceTime, HD video shoots, Photos, Skype, etc.
New gyroscope and accelerometer = even better detection of where you are plus a major win for games.
New Smart Cover = no need to spend extra on this accessory. The magnetic cover even acts to sleep and wake the iPad and folds into more positions than Kama Sutra (acts as a stand).

All this and yet the same 10 hours battery run time. It will ship (on March 11, 2011) with the new iOS 4.3 mobile OS. The 3G enabled versions will run on either AT&T or Verizon 3G service (but not both). The screen resolution will remain the same for now and prices will range the same $499 (16GB Wifi) to $829 (64GB Wifi+3G).

I don't have enough info yet (beyond what is out there all over the web so I figured why not started a thread about this for now while we work or getting more info. Thoughts?

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After playing around with the first Ipad i thought it was a good investment, 9x faster?? sounds decent, as i found the first Ipad to be fast enough!! with better graphics?? with a 10hour run time.. i'm defiantly considering getting one, Any idea on release date in Australia?

From what I see around the web it looks like Australia can expect the iPad 2 around April or May 2011

It's features are breath taking . I'll definitely gonna try it and what about you?

I have watch the ipad2 videos on this website

And from the video, i am considering to get one, you can get a refund of $100 when you sell back your ipad 1. Anyone also buying?

Ipad 2 is great- big plus for me will be the the New Dual_core A5 processor with 9x faster performance and better graphics. HD video! cant wait to get mine

The price is reasonable too

Too be honest, the performance improvement isn't all that obvious, especially if you're a casual user. The first gen iPad was blazing fast enough.

Infinty blade will also not be so lag anymore. You can move across the screen more faster

it is very good,I boutht it yesterday

Glad you did babycherry, i bought it a week ago and found it to be better than most android tablets.

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