I was wondering if anyone has ever run across an issue like this.

My HP Pavilion a210n machine powers up to the HP screen with a constant beep. I'm aware that this is a BIOS error.

The blue HP screen gives me 2 options install | safety mode - which can be selected using the f1 or f10 keys respectively. However - because the keyboard isn't functional - although the options exist - they aren't accessible.

I've checked all the cords - diabled everything peripheral, tried to restart and restart and restart and I'm at a loss.

I'm thinking its time to pull the case off and do some damage - but I'd like some guidance....

Can anyone help....btw I'm a hopeless newbie.


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Sounds like it may be a stuck keyboard key or a defective keyboard. First check that you don't have the mouse and keyboard connections reversed and then try another keyboard. If you still have the same problem try a different type of keyboard connection (Try a USB keyboard if you are using a PS2 keyboard now or PS2 if using USB now).

Did trying a different type of keyboard fix this problem? I have the same issue


A few suggestions

1) Try booting without keyboard and see if you get same results.

2) Try booting without mouse

3) Check pins on keyboard plug are straight, then plug back in and reboot

4) Plug Keyboard in other PS2 socket and reboot.

5) If beeping stops replug mouse in other port.

Did this suddenly start happening ? What happened just before ?


Could not figure out how to start new thread: Same problem as above (rapid beeps turns into continuous beep). Problem exists with or without KB connected. Removing battery resulted in system powering up for 1 sec. then shutting down. Swapped out power supply, RAM, KB, tried USB KB with no success. Finally removed everything from board (cards, drive connections, RAM) and system powered up with long beep. Back to original problem now. POST codes: No RAM 0E, With RAM stops on 3d. I'm an experienced tech, but at a loss on this one. Bad BIOS? MB component failure? Seen lots of posts for this and no solutions found. If RAM is removed you do not get the rapid beeps that turn into continuous, just intermittent long beep.

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