hi guys, if ne of u guys can help me, ill appreciate it. i just got this acer travelmate 4010 series aptopi reinstalled the window.and i lost all my drivers, i downloaded graphics and reless driver. but i dont no wut sound system it has. plz tell me the site to downlaod the sound driver for this laptop or give me the software which can detect all hardwares in ur computer. thnx


I can't figure it out with the information you provided, but here's the software to figure it out yourself.

AIDA32 -or- belarcadvisor


Here's a tip for you in the future. If you lose drivers for your system, go to your system's manufacturer's website (Acer), look for a support area or an area that mentions driver downloads, and then search for drivers for your specific system. In your case, go to this page, select "Notebook" and "Travelmate 4010", click "Search", and then select the driver that you want to download.