I'm looking for a new multifunction printer that is capable of printing a minimum of 300 pages a day of colour and b&w, which also is not very expensive for replacement ink cartridge/toner. The budget is approx. £200 for the printer, not including ink supplies.

The 300 pages a day will be done for about a month after which the printer will not be used so heavily.

Has anyone got any advice/recommendations for a suitable multifunction colour printer where the ink supplies are not overly expensive?


Are you looking for a USB or a network printer (network printers are a little more hassle to set up but are generally quicker)?

Hi Rik,

I was thinking a network printer where I can just hook it up via Ethernet and set it up that way.

Thanks for you reply.

Well I have an HP all in one which is a network printer and have had absolutely no issues with it of any kind. I have printed with it from XP, Vista, and windows 7 machines!

I also have a HP Officejet all-in-one and I have looked at some of the newer ones. I guess I'm looking for a printer that can print a lot and where ink replacement is not very expensive.

The trouble is that not all printers I have looked at give an esitmate for the amount of printing it can do. If it did, then it'd be easier to make a decision.

Anyway, I'll keep searching until I find a suitable one.