I just got my PC to turn on, now when I go to turn off it doesn't. Everything seems to turn off but my Power Supply, I can hear the fan on it running. When I do shut it doen the Light on the Front case Stays on...

I cannot afford a New Power Supply, so if you can tell me how to fix it, I would appreciate it.

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What kind of PSU do you have?? Little tidbits of information like that would be prettty damn convienent to have right about now. Some PSU's have lights on them, I have an Antec Phantom, it has pretty little blue light on it. I still don't know what kind of power supply you have.... Does the fan continually run or does it stop after a few seconds/minutes? (There's another little piece of info that would've been helpful), depending on what you were doing just prior to shutting the comp off may also play a part in the fans running. My roommates comp has a Cooler Master PSU (not positive on model) in it. He likes to rip DVD's and transcode (He owns them legally) them to his PSP, giving the comp a pretty damn good work out. When he shuts it down the PSU fan will continue to run until it's temp comes down to a certain point, there by prolonging the life of the PSU by cooling down instead of letting it sit there and cook with no airflow. I'm a smartass and I approve this message.... MK2



Intel Celeron D 2.6 GhZ
256 RAM
ATI Radeon 9250 PRO w/ 256 Memory.

Now.. my USB Ports are starting to stop also..


Oh C'mon... Did you even read my reply?? The more info we get, the more help you get; no info = no help.


Also, what appears on the screen (if anything at all) when you shut the computer down? It's possible that the ACPI drivers on the system have gotten corrupted, and that's why the OS is not able to power the computer off. Try pressing and holding the power switch for 5 seconds and then see if you're able to power the system down completely.

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