My Linksys router has been flashed with DD-WRT and been using as a wireless bridge. Suddenly I can't get internet anymore so I'm trying to access the settings, but I can't get past the username & passord. Someone else flashed it for me and must have entered new ones. I did the 30-30-30 reset and the default username & password (admin & password) doesn't work.
Am I correct to assume that once the firmware has been flashed all the original defaults are lost? And how can I get past it now? Would realy appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Finally got help from a more responsive web site (just had to say it). The password was not returning to the defaults because the hard resets were not taking. After a couple more very carefull attempts the reset took and I could get through the password section to find the problems. Somehow the settings were messed up and thus stopped working.
I use this in living room on my HTPC instead of buying another wireless adapter. It seems like it performs better too.

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