Hi All

I hope this is something simple as i am very reliant on my laptop.

I have it all plugged in but none of the lights on the laptop are working...Im hoping its the cable that has blown up or the battery...

can anyone help? i cant think what to do other than take it to pc world?


Whatever you do, don't take it to PcWorld. They are useless and expensive. If you have a digital volt meter then you can test the power supply yourself. Touch the red probe to the middle pin and the black to the outer barrel of the power plug with the meter set to 20 volts d.c. and you should see about 19 volts. If you don't get any reading then your power supply is dead.
If the power supply is dead, get an original Toshiba one as it will have all kinds of built in protection. Don't get one of the cheapie ones off of eBay. They may look like a bargain, but when they blow and do serious damage to your laptop it will cost a lot more than what you saved on the price of an original one!

Thanks Rik

I dont have a volt thing...and im quite useless with technology. i have just bought a new house and have minimal things ... where should i buy an origional lead from ...? i changed the fuse but that has made no effect bu ti know the battery on the laptop itself never worked and the electrical supply lead woudl get so hot when on...so i am assuming it is the lead ...how much can i expect to pay...maybe the origional one from pc world? il buy it and use it there to make sure it corrects the problem xxhelp?

If the lead got hot then it was internally shorted so it does look like it's the power supply that is at fault. You will find original Toshiba power supplies on eBay. Are you in the UK? If so, I most likely have a power supply for your laptop (I'm a computer engineer with a workshop).