I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop, and a couple of weeks ago the speakers stopped working.

I have checked the volume settings and they're fine. In the Device Manager, I can't tell which of the entries would contain the driver for the speakers. Under "Sounds and Audio Devices", everything looks good except for a red circle with a line through it over "Device Volume".

Normally I would delete the driver and restart, but I'm not finding the driver. Any ideas?

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On the inspiron, if you over drive the speakers, they will burn out without you knowing. They are extremely cheap and terribly fragile. Just replace them. About $11 at Wal-Mart.

Did you get your speakers problem resolved yet? I'm sure that you plugged in headphones and check if they were working with your sound applications and you tested a cd and dvd in the computer.

We had this problem two weeks ago with one of my buddies computer. When my friend had a party over a his place .. the DJ borowwed the computer and messed around with it. My friend told me the sound hasn't worked in the computer since...

We looked a the computer and did the basic troubleshooting and tweaked the setting to no avail... we finally reaload the correct driver for the sound card .. so we thought ... we looked a the sound card and found out it was a "monster" we loaded that one on instead of the generic AC 97. and we got sound ... I tweaked the midi and choose the Roland GS wavetable ..and the music programs totally worked. If you the speakers are thrashed try to get some signal into them or just check them .. I've had the internal wires work themselves loose from the cone site and the magnet side... sometimes those can be glued or carefully soldered back back like the other guy said.. go to walmart or target for some cheap ones.

i blew the speakers in a thinkpad before. There so easy to do that

One way to test whether or not its the speakers is by trying to plug in headphones. If you get sound, then you know its the speakers.

My Dell laptop sound stopped working today.
What to do? I don't have speakers just buttons.
Laugh if you please. I can't see you. I'm fond of my computer which includes youtube.

The mute was on. So everything OK. Thank you,

The sound doesn't work on my mini Dell inspiron 910, however if I plug a header I can hear the sound. I wonder wether the speaker which doesn't work anymore or I miss some driver? May I have some help plzz?

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