hi everyone
im building a new 32 bit dual moniter 8800gt e3110 gaming pc and i think i want to install 4gb of ram. however, i have read about some problems with 4gb ram. i understand that the physical memory is shared between device drivers and applications, so i figure the more memory i have, the more will be available for both. however, i have read some things that state to the contrary, that having 2gb ram is good for 32bit systmes, and having 4gb is bad for 32bit systmes, and it has something to do with the memory of the drivers. this doesnt make sense to me. could anyone help me understand?

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32-bit Operating systems can only cope with at best 3Gb of RAM. 64-bit OS's are the only ones capable of using all 4Gb of RAM. Having 4Gb in a system running 32-bit is not 'bad', it's just that most of the RAM won't be able to be used, depending on your system, anywhere between 2.5Gb and 3.5Gb will be shown. What Operating system do you run, XP or Vista?


i heard vista has anti protected content / anti hacked games / anti bootleg dvd software on it. so i will never get vista. xp is the best!

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