Hi all, first time using this board, but judging from other posts everyone here is really helpful.

I was wondering if anyone can help me. My pc is only 2weeks old and was custom built. It was running fine until yesterday.

Basically when I boot up I can hear a strange noise. sounds like a fan losing power or slowing down. When I get into XP I shut down. And then I boot up again and the noise is gone.

This only seems to happen if the pc is left off for quite long and I boot it up in the mornings etc.

Any idea what this could be?



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ok heres what you can try: A: pull the cover off the pc and look at all your fans and make sure no wires are being sucked in to them. B:make sure none of them have tons of dust on them. C: if there not ball bearing replace 'em broken or not you'll have less problems and a longer life span. and last of all if its the power supply check that fan if it's filthy pull it and clean it. mmy computer didd the same thing I replaced two of the fans before I found the problem then I just ended up buying a new case anyways. Give it a shot let me know what happens. and most of all good luck! lol

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply.

I spoke to the guy who built the PC for me. He said that the noise I am hearing is normal. He put something inside that monitors the temperature of my pc. Apparantly, when I have my pc on for long periods the heat of the pc is in the memory of whateva monitoring thing. When I turn the pc off this stays in memory.

He said once I boot up again.. the noise I am hearing is an extra fan that is on which blows all the hot air out thinking that the pc is still hot? and if I leave it for a while.. it will turn off? Is this correct? next time i hear it i'll leave it to see what happens

Before, I use to hear the noise and when I was in windows, shut down and boot up again and the noise was gone. Could this be because the temperature monitor resets?

I hope what he's saying is true.. I'm not really good with hardware so opening my pc wont really help lol!


That doesn't sound right to me, I think those temp monitoring systems, will lose their memory when you turn you computer off, but I may be wrong about that.

Hi, m facing the same issue, exactly same........daily in the morning my PC makes this noise at startup but after a minute the strange noise goes........Yes, the fan is making that noise for sure...but there is no such bullshit of Heat Monitoring system or so, because if it was there then why my system was not making that sound since past 6 months?

When You Boot Up For Windows XP Your Fan Would Start With A Very High Speed And Might Give A Wierd Sound And After That The Fan Would Slow Down..

Well this problem can be categorized into two ..

1. Mechanical failure
2. Motherboard failure.

1. Mechanical : Try to isolate which moving component inside the system is making noise ...i.e. Fans , optical drive , HDD or the shaky chasis.
Now to do and RCA (Root cause Analysis). Check for history and also check for any thunderstorm , lightning. Well you can also try to maually stop the power supply fan by inserting an objecxt while the system is powered DOWN !!! and then power ON to check for noise as this is one nasty fan that spoils the froth...
The same can be done for others.

2. Motherboard : This normally arises due to ageing and also due to some updates additionally required. Manufacturers normally provide update for them ... They are the mecca of solution to this problem..

BIOS FIRMWARE UPDATE.. very suitable for DELL Laptops and Desktops

I stumbled upon for DELL computers .. http://www.delliq.com/dell_bios_update

Kindly await as i dive to check for more , will keep you all posted and do lemme know whether this one helped !!!

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